Pharmaceutical metal detector


Pharma metal detector


Target Pharma Tablet Metal Detector is designed for the detection and removal of minute pieces of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel contaminations. Such particles enter the product (Tablets / Capsules) from deteriorating processing equipment components such as warn sieves/ splintered dies. This Metal detector removes metallic contaminants automatically and without production interruption from a stream of tablets or capsules. A metallic Contaminant in the product changes the high frequency field within the detector coil, which in turn activates a reject flap by means of a solenoid. The metallic contaminant is reliably rejected with very little loss of material due to the extremely fast and short activation of the Reject Flap. The Metal Detector chute can be quickly and easily dismantled for routine cleaning and product changeover. Conforms to the hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical industry this system can be combined with all high-performance Tablet compression machine and dedusting systems. Flexible operating height, angle and frame with lockable casters allow for easy integration to any production facility. The complete unit takes up minimum system length.

Metal Detector incorporates a simplified and refined design of Automatic Balance Coil Principle, which eliminates all setting up controls and permits long consistent performance.

System provided with flap type reject mechanism.


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Tablet metal detector

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