TARGET  metal detectors are used in the seafood, frozen food, fish processing, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textile, plastics, chemicals, and packaging industries. Contamination of food by metal shards from broken processing machinery during manufacture is a major safety issue in the food industry. Metal detectors are not new to food processors.  Metal contamination has always been a major problem. Sources include mechanic's tools and pieces broken off equipment, tags and staples carried into the plant with ingredients, and personal effects like jewellery and pens. Companies have installed systems in their plants for years to protect expensive production equipment from damage and to produce metal-free finished products.


The unit is constructed from stainless steel to meet the strict, modern hygienic standards of the seafood / Pharmaceutical / food industry. Every aspect of reliability has been taken into account in the design.
We offer full on-site installation and commissioning, services, training courses and complete after sales support. Service contracts with calibration to give you full peace of mind. We can also offer lifetime service packages. We also provide test probe along with the metal detector system.
Micro scan metal detectors are manufactured in stainless steel 316 or 304 finish, offered with a choice of aperture size, reject systems, belt widths and operating speed with an overall length of just 2000mm of even much shorter according to the requirement. New manufacturing techniques, proven design feature, such as quick and easy machine adjustment, single source dependability,

and energy efficiency results in an integral search head and control unit making installation and operation even simpler.

Automatic parameter retention: When the instrument is switched on, previously fixed parameters are automatically reloaded, eliminating the need to repeat the set-up procedure. Automatic production selection for faster system set-up the storage and rapid recall of products data of differing materials simplifies the tasks of systems set-up and operation, eliminating any unnecessary downtime. 


Metal detector for seafood