FOOD Metal Detector

metal detector for spices, flour, rice, sugar, powder, granules (25 kg / 50 kg) bag

Micro Scan Metal Detector

Reliable quality assurance, consumer protection and brand name safeguarding have highest priority in the food industry. Target Micro Scan metal detectors and separators therefore are important components for quality assurance in keeping with HACCP.

Metal Detectors reliably protect your products against any magnetic

or non-magnetic metal impurities.

Target Innovations (Mfg. & Exporters), are the most comprehensive range of metal separators for the food industry, which allow the most efficient adaptation of metal separation to your product and conditions. 

Bulk materials and packed bulk materials in most cases are examined on conveyor belts, and metal contaminated goods are automatically separated. The preferred method is to examine the packed product immediately before Dispatch to the customer, because there are no more production stages in which metal particles could get into the products.

01. Food industry (biscuit/confectionary/frozen foods/etc.)
02. Pharmaceuticals (dry and liquid syrup filled in bottles)
03. Spices/pickle inds. (spices packed in pouches/bottles)
04. Plastic/rubber industries.
05. Paper/toy/shoe industries.
06. Textile and tea industries.

Metal detector for food / food processing industry