Confectionery Metal Detector


Metal Detector for Confectionery


Target Innovations (Mfg.& Exporters),Goa,INDIA design and manufacture highly sensitive metal detectors for Confectionery and food industry.
Target Innovations has developed detectors specially for on -line confectionery (Candy) / Chocolate / Toffees / Tablets (Lozenges) / Bubble and Chewing Gums line. It is probably one of the most sensitive and stable metal detecting devices of its kind presently available. Metal detector provides an effective means of detecting all types of metals.


01. Pharmaceutical,
02. Food processing.
03. Bottling units.

04.Sea foods/Meat exports.
05. Packaging industry.
06. Rubber/plastic processing.

07. Confectionery (Candy) / Chocolate / Toffees / 

Tablets (Lozenges) / Bubble and Chewing Gum.

Metal detector for chocolate