Metal detector for biscuit


  Target Innovations (Mfg. Exporters), has evolved to be one of the leading Exporters of Metal Detection systems from Goa,INDIA (Asia). 

Metal detection systems are in daily operation in several industries where these are efficiently handling a wide and diversified variety of products. We offer an extensive range of metal detection and separation solution for every type of conveying system used in industries. If the product is being conveyed on belts micro scan metal detector series with separators are able to remove metal from the products flow. The unit is constructed from stainless steel to meet the strict, modern hygienic standards of the food industry. Conveyor for metal detectors Target micro scan metal detectors are frequently supplied, fitted to a conveyor system with the appropriate automatic rejection. These conveyor systems require little maintenance as the mechanic and electrical components are modular.

For accurate rejection of the detected metal contamination, Metal Detection system can be used in combination of a variety of rejection devices like:

01.Air Blast

02. Diverter / Pusher

03.Retract Conveyor / Flap Type

04.Buzzer and Conveyor belt stop

Applications: -

On line inspection of Biscuits / Checking of Food Packets / Checking of Liquid and Dry Syrup in bottles.

Biscuit metal detector